About Dee Potter Photography

Dee Potter - Fine Art Photographer

I’ve been extremely privileged in the past to have seen much of the world as a working musician. Wherever I traveled, I was blown away by the beauty of geographically unique landscapes, and the cultural and urban developments created by the local people.

Although I was able to bring home some great stories and vivid memories of the places I’d seen, I rarely had a camera and the time to capture them. So, over the last few years, I've been studying and practicing photography, most recently and dramatically through the tutelage of Serge Ramelli, in an attempt to go back and photograph at least some of the wonders I'd experienced in my travels, while discovering new (to me) locations along the way.

"Until Next Year" - Last look at the boathouse for another season - Prince Edward County, Canada

Although I’ve ventured through several other continents, coming from hometown, Toronto, Canada, the majority of my travels have been within North America. Bordered by 4 oceans, and every landscape from vast deserts to the Rocky Mountains, the glaciers of Alaska to the Great Lakes, I don’t think I’ve ever seen more variety and invigorating scenery anywhere else in the world; not to mention our huge selection of world-class cities, several of which I’ve lived in at some point.


Sunset at Malibu Creek State Park, Calabasas, California

But I’ve always been a true Canadian no matter where I’ve lived in the past. I love Toronto for its people and places with a diversity of so many great cultures, architecture, 4 seasons, and the sense of living in a caring small community, even though it’s the 4th largest city in North America. So, Toronto is where I start and build on my photographic journey. And, my aim here, is to hopefully capture the wonder and amusement I feel when looking at these places as I visit them with a fresh set of eyes. Having lived in both California and Florida, I continue much of my retrospective mission there, along with some of the many cottage lake regions of Ontario where I spend as much time as I can in the summer, and hope to inspire you in some way, to feel at least a little of the magic I've experienced just by being in these amazing places.