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Dee Potter
Urban Landscape Travel Photographer

Who am I?

I am a Professional Photographers of Canada multi-accredited fine art urban landscape photographer serving high-end boutique hospitality and travel brands with an award-winning portfolio of international photo destinations immediately available as decorative prints and digital art.

What's different about me is my passion for travel to create custom, on-location photos tailored exclusively to the client's establishment featuring local attractions. There’s simply nowhere I won't go to give you a one-of-a-kind photo.

As Chair of the Professional Photographers of Canada Ontario-TriBranch Region serving Greater Toronto, Central Ontario, Western Ontario, and the Hamilton/Niagara regions, I am also committed to helping other photographers reach their next levels through specialized events, workshops, and business resources. Feel free to contact me directly or visit ppoc.ca to learn more about the PPOC and how it can help you with your photography journey.

To hire me to showcase your hospitality destination in its best light, or decorate with my unique collection of original fine art photography, contact me at deepotterphotography@gmail.com or https://deepotter.photography/contact.I'm easy to reach, and even easier to work with.

At the core of my being, I’m an artist. Not to be confused with a fine art painter like Monet, or like my own brilliantly talented mother, Diann Haist, but for as long as I can remember, I’ve been highly attuned to the beauty in almost everything and compelled to harness the emotions created on me to share them somehow with others. Photography gives me the perfect window to share those emotions I experience from what I see.

I was born and raised, and currently live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, so landscapes and urban photography come naturally to me with a lifetime of inspiration. But in my earlier days as a working musician, I’d been extremely privileged to have seen many great places around the world. Wherever I travelled, I was enchanted by the beauty of unique landscapes, and the incredible structures created by vastly diverse cultures. Although I was able to bring home some great stories and vivid memories, I rarely had a schedule to properly capture them on camera.

Of course, in those days, I wasn’t carrying a camera in my pocket 24/7 as we do today. And while I’m still a musician, I no longer tour nor travel as a player anymore. Luckily, though, for the last several years, photography has taken over as my primary art of passion and obsession, as I attempt to photograph some of the wonders from my memories, discover new locations, and view the world around me in a whole new way through the magic of photography.


Although I’ve ventured through several continents with and without my Nikon cameras, being based in Toronto, the majority of my travels have been within North America. Bordered by 4 oceans, and every landscape from vast deserts to the Rocky Mountains, the glaciers of Alaska to the Great Lakes, I don’t think I’ve ever seen more variety and mesmerizing scenery anywhere else in the world; not to mention the multitude of world-class cities, several of which I’ve lived in at points in my life.
But I’ve always been a true Canadian no matter where I’ve lived. I love Toronto for its people and places with myriad great cultures, architecture, 4 seasons, and the sense of living in a caring small community, even though it’s one of the largest cities in North America.

The Gooderham Flatiron Building, built in downtown Toronto in 1891, continues to be one of my favourite structures in the world, and one of my most photographed locations in the city. And I'm not the only one! Everytime I'm there to shoot in any of our four seasons, there is always another half-dozen or more photographers who show up to give each other a nod and a smile.

So, Toronto is where I build on my photographic journey. And my aim is to capture the wonder and amazement I feel when looking at these places and the lives I run across as I visit them, always with a fresh set of eyes. Having also lived in both California and Florida, I continue much of my retrospective mission there, along with some of the many cottage lake regions of Ontario where I spend as much time as I can in the summer, and hope to inspire you in some way to feel a little of the magic I've experienced just by witnessing these amazing places.

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