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Stories from behind the lens

With every press of the shutter button, there's a story, a plan, an impulse and a feeling behind the image it produces. I love to get out and shoot, whether it captures award-winners or not, just getting out into the world to take in the beauty all around before pulling the Nikon out of my bag is a pure and gratifying pleasure. These are the stories of the how, when, where and why behind the photos, and the inspirations behind the photographer.

Exploring Urban Jungles Through a Landscape Photographer's Lens 2023
Exploring Urban Jungles Through a Landscape Photographer's Lens 2023
What's a landscape photographer to do in an urban jungle? As a landscape photographer living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, my ventures to majestic mountains in lake reflections and seaside-sunsets of awe-inspiring landscape photography happen only with periodically planned expeditions far from...
Gooderham Flatiron Building - Toronto 2022
Gooderham Flatiron Building - Toronto 2022
The Gooderham Flatiron Building continues to be one of my favourite structures in the world, and one of my most photographed locations in Toronto. But I'm not the only one. Everytime I'm here to shoot during any season, there is always another half-dozen or more photographers who show up to give...

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